The Royal Nightmare of Harry and Meghan

To my American friends who don’t understand the British Monarchy;

The Royal Family is a living national symbol or logo that is resolutely independent of politics. This separation provides a continuity not possible with the rapidly changing offices of the US President or other elected government heads.

The US Head of State changes every four years. But the British Head of State is The Queen and her reign endures until she dies. While America is viewed as dynamic, modern, but a fickle place, the UK is seen as a bit old-fashioned but reliable.

There was a rumor of a creature brought to life by alchemists. The creature had no soul. It’s only intention was to survive. But with no conscience and survival as it’s only raison d’etre, the entity was inherently evil. Likewise, artificial intelligence is such a man-made creature. It can work either toward good or evil depending on whether the programmer decides to provide it a conscience.

Silicon Valley is an entity that has evolved to shape and manipulate our thoughts and cognitive biases. This manipulation is a downgrading of humanity. …

When we look back in time, will we see Trump’s defeat as the turning point away from deeply flawed human beings toward a flawless new technocracy ruled by artificial intelligence?

In 2016 the world watched in shock as South Korean “GO” champion Lee Se-Dol was defeated by a machine. It was previously believed that AI lacked the creative capacity to beat our best human beings, for “GO” requires more than mere logic. But the event has now gone down in history as the moment AI became a true contender.

As we hurtle into a future of precision robots and artificial…

Over the past 4 years, I prayed for Democrats to come up with even a halfway decent candidate. I figured Trump would’ve pissed people off enough to do some serious reflection and they would have come back stronger.

I thought Trump might’ve been the pebble in the shoe to MDDA (Make Democrats Decent Again). I naively hoped they might return to their pro-worker, anti-war, and anti-big business roots.

Often times the biggest tribulations one suffers in life can be the stimulus toward the greatest change. This crown of thorns can be a crown of jewels.

But from where I stand…

The biggest danger of large systems with top-down governance is in the single point of failure at the top.

The W.H.O. is a good example of this. Early on they denied #Covid19 was an aerosolized airborne virus. They advised against masks and told us to wash our hands instead. However this information was not based upon science, but politics.

The W.H.O. feared a shortage of masks for medical workers. Plus under their own rules, those medical facilities unable to fulfill the regulations for airborne infections would not be allowed to treat patients. …

It was around this time in October of 2016 when I came face to face with the possibility that I might die. For it had been nearly a whole year since I had been stricken with a debilitating cough, heart palpitations, and arrhythmia.

During this period I was in and out of A&E. Many mornings I awoke unable to breathe. Months and months passed and I began to despair. Things looked bleak. For it seemed that my respiratory condition might be permanent. I began to lose hope and started thinking about my death.

Then I gritted my masked face, took…

The cat’s out of the bag…

For years the government has complained that there’s no money in the piggy bank.

But the game is up, for COVID has revealed that just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we’ve had the power to access plenty of money all along. For the bank of England is now printing money from thin air like never before in history.

The pandemic has posed an interesting balancing act for governments. After all most countries are in the same boat and printing at unprecedented levels. …

There’s a gigantic elephant in the room and no one dares to say anything…

So I will.

We now have the technology to create man-made viruses and biological weapons. Pandora’s box has been opened and the genie of biowarfare is now well and truly out of the bottle. Whether you believe the rumors of Covid being man-made, the point is;

It could have been.

If this one isn’t manufactured, the next one can and probably will be. Therefore we in Western societies are in need of an incentive-based system to harness the genius of human innovation and fight these all…

My libertarian mates sneer at my mask and wave Sweden as their rationale for being so smug.

“Sweden never had a lockdown and have the same rate deaths as the UK”.

But why don’t they mention Taiwan, Vietnam and Japan? Like Sweden, these countries never had to suffer a full lockdown. But unlike Sweden, they’ve managed to completely avoid the heavy death toll.

Deaths per million:

Sweden — 585

Japan — 13

Vietnam — 0.4

Taiwan — 0.3

At the start of the epidemic, the W.H.O. told us that COVID19 was transmitted by droplets rather than aerosolized and therefore masks…

Some believe the pandemic is merely a plot to take over the Earth. They insist that the virus is fake.

But let’s look at this logically;

If you were a globalist elite with an aim to enslave humanity with a virus, given that you have the technology at your disposal, why bother with a fake one? Why not whip up a mightily deadly one along with an antidote for you and your own?

Prince Phillip once told the Telegraph;

“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving…

Meg Lee Chin

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